This scale maneuver is for models of aircraft used for crop spraying or dusting only. The contestant should be prepared to document that the aircraft was used for this purpose.
Since the manner in which this operation was performed by full scale aircraft may differ according to aircraft type, and/or crop being covered, the contestant should describe to the judges his intended presentation. Generally the aircraft will be at low normal flight level to visibly perform its spraying or dusting mission on command by the contestant. An emergency dump of the hopper contents may be performed and may be accompanied by a rapid climb to a higher level, to simulate avoidance of an obstacle.


  1. Beginning and ending of maneuver with scale operation were not called out.
  2. Model does not release visible spraying/dusting material.
  3. Maneuver is not presented in full view of the judges.
  4. Model flies erratic altitude during the operation.