Bombs should be carried in the same manner as the aircraft. A contestant is permitted to substitute a different bomb or bombs for the flight presentation, than was displayed on the model during static judging, provided that the size and shape is similar. For bombs carried internally, bomb bay doors should open, bombs should drop and doors should close for maximum score. If bombs are carried externally they should be securely attached with no noticeable oscillation in the slipstream.
For maximum score the model should perform a bomb run in the manner of the prototype. Example types of bomb runs are:

  1. Dive bomb (70 degrees) with dive brakes engaged with sharp pullout;
  2. Toss bomb at mid pull-up used to avoid bomb blast;
  3. Glide bombing (20 degrees) with sharp pullout;
  4. Horizontal bomb (0 degrees) at higher altitude. Unusual bombing techniques may be used if the contestant can verify them with written documentation. The bomb run type selected must be presented to the judges along with the intended area of impact. With the exception of napalm types, bombs should not tumble end-over-end after release.


  1. Beginning and ending of maneuver with scale operation were not called out.
  2. Externally mounted bomb(s) wobble(s) in slipstream prior to release.
  3. Bomb run and release not realist for type selected.
  4. Bomb-bay doors did not operate in a realistic way.
  5. Finned bombs tumble erratically after release.
  6. Bomb(s) not falling on the intended area.
  7. Bomb(s) are not carried in the manner of the aircraft.
  8. Bomb(s) drop immediately upon opening of doors.
  9. Bomb run not completed before bomb(s) dropped.