From a straight and level flight the model aircraft passes the judges and then performs a 180° climbing turn in a direction away from the judges, resuming straight and level flight on the opposite heading. The rate of climb should be commensurate with that of the prototype. This maneuver is for non-aerobatic prototypes only.


  1. Turn not smooth and continuous.
  2. Climb not smooth and continuous.
  3. Half height gain not at 90° position.
  4. Excessive/unrealistic engine power used to achieve the climb.
  5. Insignificant height gain.
  6. Start and finish not centered on judges’ position.
  7. Entry and exit paths not parallel with the judges’ line.
  8. Final track not 180 degrees opposite to entry.
  9. Entry and exit not in straight and level flight.
  10. Too far away or too high.