The Circle Of Death was flown by the Soviet Air Force in WWII on the Eastern Front. The maneuver rational is to keep a constant rate of fire on a German tank column. The aircraft would attack in a circle flying in behind the tanks to penetrate the back side of the Tigers. By the whole squadron attacking at once they could keep at least one plane’s guns on the column either until it was destroyed or all ammunition stores including 37 mm cannon and bombs had been expended and then they returned home.

The aircraft should fly in a level circle dropping bombs on the tank column while flying low over the battle field. For a scale model to be flying this maneuver they must fly low over the “battlefield” and drop bombs directly in front of the judges on the first pass. Continuing on into a second 360 degree circle, the aircraft comes back to “target” and drops more bombs on the target then flies back home to maneuver completion. This maneuver has been flown in FAI international competition by the FAI Technical Secretary Bob Underwood.


  1. Failing to maintain consistently low (20′ to 30′) altitude.
  2. Failing to drop bombs directly in front of judges on to make believe target.
  3. Unequal halves of circle left  & right of “target”.