The model aircraft approaches in straight and level flight on a line parallel with the judges’ line, and then a one quarter circle turn is made in a direction away from the judges’ line. This is followed by a 360-degree turn in the opposite direction, followed by a 270-degree turn in the first direction, completing the maneuver on the original approach line. The intersection (mid point) of the maneuver shall be on a line that is at right angles to the direction of entry and passes through the center of the judges’ line.


  1. Entry into first circle not at right angles to original flight path.
  2. Circles unequal size.
  3. Circles misshapen.
  4. Constant height not maintained.
  5. Intersection not centered on judges’ position.
  6. Entry and exit paths not on same line.
  7. Entry and exit paths not parallel with judges’ line.
  8. Overall size of maneuver not realistic for prototype.
  9. Model aircraft flight path not smooth and steady.
  10. Too far away / too close / too high / too low.