This flight maneuver is for models of aircraft that were capable of inverted flight. Aerobatic aircraft and fighters generally qualify for this maneuver. From Low Normal Level flight, the model aircraft performs a near circular inside loop until it is at a 45 degree nose down attitude. The 45 degree inverted attitude is then held until the model transitions into a near circular outside loop, the bottom of which is at Low Normal Flight Level, and continues the outside loop until a 45 degree nose down attitude is again attained. The 45 degree upright attitude then transitions to an upright level flight attitude, at Low Normal Flight Level, and at the same point the maneuver was started. The tops of the two (2) near circular loops should both be at the same height. One horizontal figure eight is required.


  1. Beginning and ending of maneuver were not called out.
  2. Maneuver not commenced from Low Normal Flight Level.
  3. Loops not near circular for 270 degrees.
  4. Not a 45 degree to horizontal intersection.
  5. Loops are not the same size.
  6. The maneuver not finished at Low Normal Flight Level.