From a straight and level flight the model aircraft pulls up into the first half of a circular loop (commensurate with the performance of the subject type), and when inverted, performs a half roll before resuming straight and level flight on the opposite track. Low powered aircraft types would be expected to commence the maneuver by executing a shallow dive at full throttle in order to pick up the necessary speed.


  1. Track of the half loop not vertical.
  2. Half loop not centered on judges’ position.
  3. Half loop is not sufficiently semicircular.
  4. Roll starts too early or too late.
  5. Excessive height loss in the roll.
  6. Track veers during the roll.
  7. Does not resume straight and level flight on the opposite track to entry.
  8. Maneuver not flown parallel with judges’ line.
  9. Size of maneuver and speed not in manner of the prototype.
  10. Too far away / too close / too high / too low.