One (1) inside loop should be performed. The model should start from Low Normal Flight Level and perform a smooth, round loop, resuming Low Normal Flight Level at the same point and at the same height as the entry. In the case of models of light aircraft, in which the power available on the full-scale aircraft would prevent vertical maneuvers to begin from level flight, such as a loop, a dive may precede the maneuver, if this was the procedure used by the aircraft. The aircraft modeled may require full throttle entering the loop and a decreasing throttle starting at the top of the loop. Also models with throttled engines or speed controlled motors that require extra power to loop, a power increase may precede the maneuver and a power reduction after exiting the maneuver.


  1. Beginning and ending of maneuver were not called out.
  2. Track of loop not vertical.
  3. Loop not as per aircraft.
  4. Inappropriate use of throttle.
  5. Start and Finish not at Low Normal Flight Level.