Except for Taxi option, this is the last flying maneuver performed. The Landing maneuver will start from above High Normal Flight Level, the model smoothly descends while throttling back and extending the flaps (when applicable). ½ A scale is an exception and requires at least one engine not running at touch down. Landing gear extension should be initiated just before landing (when applicable). A model may make a three-point landing or may touch the main wheels first and gently lower the tail wheel or nose wheel as speed decreases. The model should touch down smoothly with no bouncing, and then roll to a complete stop without intervention by the helper.


  1. Beginning and ending of maneuver were not called out.
  2. Landing maneuver not commenced from above High Normal Flight Level.
  3. Not a smooth descent down to the touchdown point.
  4. Gear/flaps not lowered in correct positions.
  5. Excessive use of throttle.
  6. Model too fast, not correct approach configuration.
  7. Model bounces on touch down.
  8. Model does not come to a gradual and smooth stop after landing.
  9. Engine(s)/motor(s) stop(s) before the landing maneuver is finished.