Commencing from straight and level flight the model aircraft must turn through 90° in a direction away from the judges and then turn through 270° in the opposite direction, resuming straight and level flight on the opposite heading to that of the entry. The maneuver must be commenced so as to place the point where the model aircraft changes from the 90° turn to the 270° on a line which is at a right angle to the direction of entry and passes through the center of the judges’ position.


  1. Rate of turn is not constant.
  2. The model aircraft changes altitude during the maneuver.
  3. The model aircraft does not resume straight and level flight on the correct heading.
  4. The model aircraft does not change from 90° to the 270° turn at the correct position.
  5. The maneuver is too small or too large in reference to the type and scale of the model aircraft.
  6. The maneuver is too close or too far away to be observed properly.
  7. The maneuver is too high or too low to be observed properly.