The extending and raising of landing gear must be performed as an independent maneuver. The model should be slowed and descending before extending and accelerate during climb out, after retracting the Landing Gear. Landing Gear is extended and then at least one lap should be completed before Landing Gear is retracted. Gear extension should commence when the model descends through High Normal Flight Level. The speed of gear operation and its action should approximate that of the aircraft. For example, “snap action’’ gear should be downgraded, but the model should not be expected to duplicate the cycle time of the aircraft. Similarly, if on the aircraft the gear folded inward (towards the aircraft center line), points would be deducted if on the model the gear folded outward. Models of aircraft with retractable tail wheels should be downgraded if the tail wheel of the model does not retract. Retraction should commence from Low Normal Flight Level.


  1. Beginning and ending of scale operation were not called out.
  2. One or more landing gears fail to retract or extend (includes tail wheel, if this was retracted on aircraft).
  3. Landing gear sequence is of the “snap up” action or moves too slowly.
  4. Landing gear action is grossly different from aircraft.
  5. Landing gear extends, or partially extends, during maneuvers that create high positive centrifugal force on the model.
  6. One or more landing gear leg(s) collapse during landing.
  7. Speed was not reduced prior to lowering landing gear.
  8. Landing gear was not retracted during, or immediately after, climb out.
  9. Gear doors, if present, did not activate realistically.