Model aircraft approaches the landing area in straight and level flight at a height not exceeding 15 meters and in full view of the judges, extends the landing gear/flaps. Model aircraft then executes a 360° turn in a direction away from the judges, and when again directly in front of the judges retracts the landing gear / flaps and climbs away in straight flight.


  1. Model aircraft speed too high for landing gear / flap lowering.
  2. Gear / flaps not extended in full view of judges.
  3. Speed and sequence of extension and retraction not realistic.
  4. Flaps demo only:
    a) Instability when flaps lowered
    b) No change in attitude with flaps
  5. Misshapen circle or not constant height.
  6. Circle height exceeds 15 meters.
  7. Circle not centered on judges’ position.
  8. Retraction not commenced abeam judges.
  9. Entry and exit paths not parallel with the judges’ line.
  10. Entry and exit tracks not the same.
  11. Un-scale-like climb out.
  12. Too far away or too close.