From straight and level flight, the model aircraft rolls at a constant rate through one complete rotation and resumes straight and level flight on the same track. Low powered aircraft would be expected to execute a shallow dive at full throttle before the maneuver. Competitors should nominate any special type of roll that will be performed, e.g. Slow, Barrel, Snap.


  1. Rate of roll is not constant.
  2. Style of roll not typical to prototype.
  3. Roll not centered on judges’ position.
  4. Entry and exit at different heights.
  5. Entry and exit at different speeds.
  6. Entry and exit tracks and line of roll not parallel with judges’ line.
  7. Does not resume straight and level flight on same track as entry.
  8. Style of roll not as nominated.
  9. Inappropriate use of throttle.
  10. Too far away / too close / too high / too low.