From straight flight, the model aircraft performs a half roll and when inverted performs half of a circular inside loop (commensurate with the performance of subject type), and resumes straight and level flight on a flight path opposite to that of the entry. The throttle should be closed at the inverted position, as appropriate to type, and opened when normal flight is resumed.


  1. Model aircraft changes track during half roll.
  2. Model aircraft inverted too long or too short.
  3. Inappropriate use of throttle.
  4. Track of half loop not on line or vertical.
  5. Half loop is not sufficiently semicircular.
  6. Too fast or too tight a half loop.
  7. Does not resume straight and level flight on opposite track to entry.
  8. Half loop not centered on judges’ position.
  9. Maneuver not flown parallel with the judges’ line.
  10. Too far away / too close / too high / too low.