The taxi demonstration shall be executed only after the mandatory Landing is complete. The model must land with the engine(s)/motor(s) running, come to a complete stop without being held by a helper, and must taxi for a minimum of one (1) lap at a realistic speed and in a realistic manner. The model must then come to a complete stop, preferably at the same point as the commencement of the operation, without intervention by a helper. Models of multi-engine motor aircraft may shut down one or more engine(s) /motor(s) during taxi if that was normal for the modeled aircraft.


  1. Beginning and ending of maneuver were not called out.
  2. Taxi not completing the full circle.
  3. Not a realistic taxi of the aircraft.
  4. Not all engines/motors operating, except for multi-engine motor model which may shut down one (1) or more engine(s)/motor(s) as part of a realistic taxi of the aircraft.