From straight and level flight, the model aircraft decelerates into a stall and commences the spin through three turns and recovers to level flight on the same track as the initial flight direction. During descent the model aircraft may drift with the wind


  1. Engine not throttled back at point of stall.
  2. Entry into spin not clean and positive.
  3. Not a true spin but merely a spiral dive (which should score zero).
    Note: In a true spin descent path will be close to C of G of model aircraft. A spiral dive is a tight vertical barrel roll.
  4. Not three complete turns.
  5. Start of spin not centered on judges’ position.
  6. Model aircraft does not resume straight and level flight on same track as entry.
  7. Entry and exit paths not parallel with judges’ line.
  8. Entry and exit not in level flight
  9. Too far away / too close / too high / too low.