This is an overview of the event, not about the winners or losers but some of the competitors, aircraft in both F4C and F4H class as well as the pit area, and I believe a couple of shots of the runway and field area. In speaking to a friend who was there this past December, everything seemed about normal for Romania. The field is located on the outskirts of Ploiesti, which is still producing oil for Europe. This WC took place the last of July as I remember and I did take shots of one airplane in particular an Albatros DVa with electric power and an internal mounted O.S. 48 Surpass to generate sound, yea mounted inside the fuselage.

Also note the model boxes, as we need to check with the TSA or airlines to see what is allowed to fly now.

Note how team colors are worn to all official events. They are usually not worn on the “Nations night” held in the past on Wednesday night, where food, adult beverages and other bits are offered from all over the world. I would have brought Jack Daniels to the party but here in the USA we would have to buy it over there instead of being able to bring it from home.

Everyone dressed in official uniforms for the beginning, static judging, flights, and ending ceremony.
Hope you have questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Cheers, Stan Alexander

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