Individuals seeking certification as a scale contest judge should be aware of the two (2) protocols which exist for pilots participating in AMA and U. S. Scale Masters scale contests. This training course seeks to establish a clear understanding of the differences by referencing one protocol to the other, as each is portrayed. In this manner, a difference that exists is more clearly defined. The two protocols are not intermingled at any point.

Protocols are clearly defined in competition handbooks published by each organization. Judge candidates should become familiar with both documents “before” participating in the certification programs of these organizations.

Though they appear identical, each organization require pilots to witness mechanical options and flight maneuvers with options in a different manner. There are additional differences as well. It is necessary to require all candidates to possess a “current” AMA and U. S. Scale Masters, Assn. Competition Hand Book. A copy of the rules for both AMA and Scale Masters can be downloaded from within this web site. Downloads are for reference only. Formal “printed” copies of the rules is the only document you are to consider absolutely correct and accepted as reference material at a contest.

The AMA rules are located here:

The Scale Masters rules are located here:;sa=list;id=1

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