Yes, that’s a simple “y” driven from behind the cockpit with a servo. The “y” is made from three clevis rods silver soldered with nylon ball link cups threaded onto the ends. The one to the rear attaches to the servo. The other two nylon cups attach to ball links per illustration. The channel is mounted facing outward parallel to the cockpit edge. The channel is “flush” with the surface of the fuselage with a nylon block running within the channel.

You can be as inventive as you want here. You can attach the canopy to the nylon block with what ever you decide works best for you. Remember the air will be buffeting the canopy so you might want to laminate the inside edge of the canopy with oak or maple veneer to distribute the stress. Use what ever you can find to simulate this set up with the parts you have. DO NOT USE ferrous metal parts against ferrous metal parts as this will create electronic noise (emi).

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