Model aircraft pulls up into a circular inside loop until 45° nose down. The 45° inverted flight is held until a half roll when abeam the judges, 45° upright then held until entry height is achieved when a similar circular inside loop is flown to repeat the maneuver in the opposite direction. Straight and level recovery is to be at the same height as the original entry. Throttle may be closed at the top of each loop, as appropriate to subject type, and reopened during each descent. A low powered aircraft would be expected to execute a shallow dive at full throttle in order to pick up speed before commencing the maneuver.


  1. Maneuver not performed in a constant vertical plane that is parallel with the judges’ line.
  2. Loops are not circular.
  3. Loops are not the same size.
  4. Half rolls are not centered on the judges’ position.
  5. 45º descent paths not achieved.
  6. Model aircraft does not exit maneuver at same height as entry.
  7. Model aircraft does not resume straight and level flight on same track as entry.
  8. Inappropriate use of throttle.
  9. Size and speed of loops not in manner of prototype.
  10. Too far away / too close / too high / too low.