The model approaches in a straight and level flight to a point directly in front of the judges. It then turns away to track 60º away from the judges’ line. It then flies straight and level for a minimum of 150 meters, turns to track parallel with the judges’ line, flies a further minimum of 150 meters, then turns to track towards the judges and flies a further minimum of 150 meters to a position above the center of the landing area, which completes an equilateral triangle (i.e. a triangle with sides of equal length and angles of 60°), before making a final turn to intercept the original entry track. This option may only be nominated for non-aerobatics aircraft.


  1. Not commenced and finished at points equidistant from the judges.
  2. Model aircraft changes height.
  3. Rate of turn at corners not constant or inside corners of triangle not 60°.
  4. Sides of the triangle are not straight.
  5. Sides of triangle are not equal lengths.
  6. Sides of the triangle are too long or too short.
  7. Apex of triangle not centered on judges’ position.
  8. Correction for drift not properly made.
  9. Start and finish tracks not the same.
  10. Start and finish tracks not parallel with judges’ line.
  11. Too far away / too close / too high / too low.