Be your best friend and pick maneuvers you already know how to fly! Most of you know how to fly a figure 8, a straight flight past, and obviously the two primary events in every flight…the take off and the landing. Go to the list of maneuvers at left to find six or eight more which every airplane can perform! Then you arrange these into a flight presentation for the contest.
There are many many more maneuvers aircraft can perform. It is important to fly prototypical maneuvers which could be accomplished by your specific airplane. Do not try attempt to perform maneuvers beyond your skill level, as that serves no useful purpose!!! Relax and fly your aircraft normally!!!
Judges who recognize a maneuver as being non-prototypical will downgrade your score for not being performed in kind to the family of aircraft in which your aircraft model falls.
Remember, you only fly 9 maneuvers each round. You should select maneuvers you feel comfortable with then, practice, practice, practice.