The model aircraft commences by descending from base leg, which may be either curved or straight as required by the pilot. The turn is continued through 90 degrees onto final approach. The model aircraft then lands and takes off again into wind without coming to a halt. The main wheels must roll on the ground for a minimum of five meters. Flaps will be used if applicable.


  1. Maneuver does not commence on base leg.
  2. Turn onto final approach too tight or not 90°.
  3. Descent from base leg not smooth and continuous.
  4. Model aircraft does not achieve correct landing approach prior to touchdown.
  5. Model aircraft does not achieve a minimum ground roll of 5 meters
      (Note: if prototype has two main wheels then both wheels must roll on ground for minimum 5 meters).
  6. Model aircraft bounces on landing.
  7. Inappropriate use of flaps.
  8. Climb out not smooth or realistic.
  9. Approach and climb out tracks not the same.
  10. Does not make best use of landing space available for wind direction.