Starting at Low Normal Level Flight, the model should make a near-vertical climb, pass nearly over the pilot’s head, dive and then resume Low Normal Flight Level. The radius in the pull-up and the pull-out should be of equal size. The line of flight during the wing-over should bisect the ground circle. Low powered aircraft types would be expected to execute a shallow dive at full throttle in order to pick up speed before commencing the maneuver. One wing-over is required.


  1. Beginning and ending of maneuver were not called out.
  2. Not commenced from Low Normal Flight Level.
  3. Not sufficiently steep climb (less than 60 degrees will score zero).
  4. Not sufficiently vertical dive (less than 60 degrees will score zero).
  5. Not equal shape in the pull-up and the pull-out.
  6. The maneuver was not finished at Low Normal Flight Level.